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Stepping Off the Mass Production Line: How L’Epee’s Success Derived From Taking Chances

L’epee La Tour Noire Table Clock – Gold, Cotes de Geneve, Black Base
The world is full of start-up companies and new pioneers looking to make a name for themselves in the business world. Thankfully, the advent of the Internet opened doors to worldwide networking opportunities, giving optimistic entrepreneurs the chance to have their hopes and dreams become a plausible reality. However, this influx of avenues to business success hasn’t done anything to alleviate the constant competition from other companies. After all, rival business ventures have always been a factor of the business world, from olden days to modern times - and this issue has only expanded as technology advanced. For this reason, it’s important to try and find your niche, something that makes you stand out from the crowd and elevates you as an original innovator.

An Innovative Business is Born: The L’Epee Brand Comes to Life

L’Epee, now one of the most renowned clockmaking businesses in the world, followed this notion themselves at the start of their legacy. Deciding to offer some unique variations to the age-old methods of the horological industry, L’Epee certainly rose to the top along other clockmaking juggernauts for a reason. Getting their start as clock manufacturers in Switzerland, L’Epee was a company that happily strayed away from the beaten path. Their continued success to this day only proves that their outward thinking led them to bigger and brighter things. Originating from a career in engineering clocks and music boxes, Frenchman Auguste L’Epee banded together with another professional, Pierre-Henri Paur from Switzerland, to help jumpstart the launch of their new, creative ideas. 1839 marked the year that they combined their numerous talents, hoping to be the change they were seeking in the current clock manufacturing industry.

 After years of practice, the brilliant duo began producing platform escapements for their clock models. By 1850, they were creating elaborate alarm clocks and carriage clocks, merchandise that continues to amaze anyone who sets their eyes on them to this day. Beyond turning into leading entrepreneurs in the field during their time, the L’Epee team’s early advancements have even become a reference for students of the craft. Once L’Epee started making waves in the horological market, their business quickly adapted throughout the years, keeping up with their innovative origins. The clockmaking team began receiving gold medals in World Fairs in the late 1800s, which then led to them expanding on great luxury pieces and making mechanical adjustments through the late 20th century. Due to this, the L’Epee brand is consistently hailed as both a professional and commercial success, and has maintained their prestigious title for over 150 years.

L’Epee Has Flourished in Their Art, Overcoming Some Unimaginable Feats

While their day to day production is impressive enough, L’Epee has gained serious mileage in terms of putting their name on new and interesting concepts. They broke through barriers in mid-1970, teaming up with the aeronautics business for an entirely new concept. In 1976, the L’Epee manufacturing division took on a project titled the “Concorde,” equipping commercial flights of the supersonic airplanes with clocks placed on the interior walls.

As of today, their products remain the only models to be utilized in civil aviation. By 1994, the L’Epee brand’s excessive talents popped up elsewhere. They took on the challenge of creating the largest clock in the world - and succeeded. Quickly earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, the clock known as the “Giant Regulator” was a beast of innovative proportions. Reaching 2.20m tall and coming in at a weight of over 1.2 tons, this behemoth was truly a sight to behold. The mechanical movement on its own weighed an astounding 120kg! The result of 2,800 hours of intricate and expertly-crafted handiwork made this project a massive and majestic success.

While the piece was originally unveiled at the Louvre in Paris, it also made its rounds worldwide. Touring the globe through the US, Europe, and the Middle East, this gargantuan mechanical clock gave L’Epee yet another impressive example of their mastery on an already dazzling resume. 175th Anniversary With almost two centuries worth of advanced, high-end timepieces under their belt, L’Epee were more than happy to celebrate their 175th Anniversary in 2014.

Launching a special “Art Line of L’Epee” products to announce the occasion, many clock enthusiasts were ecstatic to see even more exotic and imaginative pieces on the market. After such a longstanding history of dedicated expertise to their business, not to mention an excess of beautiful, elegant clocks to choose from, wouldn’t you want to join the L’Epee family? Take the time to browse through’s selection of exquisite L’Epee clocks; you won’t be sorry you did. In fact, you’ll be thanking us the moment you get your hands on one of their items, ready to hold a special place in your home.

Bring Home Your Own Piece of L’Epee History

There’s no shortage of beautiful, authentic L’Epee timepieces. Each and every clock is its own masterpiece, designed with high-end fashion in mind.

 The Star Fleet Machine: A Visionary Timepiece to Rival All Others 

L’Epee Star Fleet Machine Bronze
For instance, the L’Epee Star Fleet Machine in Bronze is an absolute wonder. A sheer tour de force in the line of L’Epee 175th Anniversary specialty items, this elegant timepiece is worthy of a pedestal in the home of any buyer. The Star Fleet Machine is a table clock unlike any other. Designed by MB&F, an award-winning, micro-engineering lab, this elaborate clock features double retrograde seconds and a power reserve indicator. In fact, the in-house movement has a sensational power reserve, lasting over 40 days!

A black dome centers the entire framework, accented with polished hands that signal the hours and minutes, curving along the contours of the dome. Beyond that lies the power indicator, displaying one to five bars of “energy,” dwindling down bar by bar to show you visually how many days of power are left. The red-tipped cannons draw the eye from anywhere in the room, as the regulator and surrounding technical work are on full display to be witnessed by all. L’Epee was forced to coincide the movement configuration with MB&F’s spacecraft design, a feat that is not only successfully completed, but easily admired by all.

While the inner workings of this gorgeous piece are well worth a look by themselves, the palladium-plated wheels and bronzed stainless steel plates also give an effortless shine. The clock itself can rest vertically on its own, but an Incabloc shock protection system also aids in its balance and protection. 

Overall, this timepiece is a pure beauty, and it holds some truly iconic style reminiscent of sci-fi or steampunk style that any collector would be proud to own.

Carriage Clocks: The Collection That Showcases L’Epee’s Innovation and Sophistication 

L’Epee Corniche Gold-Plated Carriage Clock – Alarm
 All of L’Epee’s items are visionary works of art in their own right. But here at Expressions of Time, we’ve collected an extraordinary variety of L’Epee carriage clocks that are impossible to ignore. Carriage clocks themselves have been around for ages, perfected by each manufacturer in their own fashionable designs.

These small, spring-driven clocks were first designed to be useful for traveling long distances. Developed in 19th century France, these beautiful timepieces were also commonly referred to as "Officers' Clocks.” Invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1812, the first carriage clock was commissioned for the Emperor Napoleon, and their unique look has continued on for centuries.

The case of the carriage clock, generally plain or gilt-brass, is rectangular in shape. They come equipped with a carrying handle, and most are framed with glass panels so the viewer can see the mechanical work within the piece itself. Another important feature is the platform escapement, the tried and true indicator of a classic carriage clock.

Upgrade Your Home in a Snap with One of L’Epee’s Finest Clocks 

With all of this history and knowledge of carriage clocks in mind, why not invest in one to spruce up your home decor? Put one on display for all your friends and family to admire, and teach them all about L’Epee’s lovely collection available at

For instance, you’ll cause a commotion when your guests arrive and spot the Ovale Swiss-Made Carriage Clock. While the gold-plated finish shines for all the world to see, the splendid carousel tourbillon escapement will really catch everyone’s attention. L’Epee has leading experts who have perfected this precise and difficult movement.

Hand-crafted, this timekeeper is a brilliant addition to any decorative space, priding itself with its platform-mounted jewel escapement and upholstered presentation box and key. So start a new tradition; invest in one of our L’Epee carriage clocks, and present your loved ones with a gorgeous family heirloom.

L’Epee Anglaise Squelette Gold-Plated Carriage Clock
Or, if you have an eye for intricate detail and original design, you’ll be ecstatic to come across the Anglaise Squelette Gold-Plated Carriage Clock. Though it’s equipped with a plethora of the same features as other carriage clocks, this high-end timepiece is really unlike any other.

With so many mechanical elements on display, as well as the elaborate decorative patterns, it’s easy to understand how the L’Epee team’s immense talent and creative passion has carried their business through years of success.

So give your home a makeover. Enhance your style with selective pieces that make a serious statement in your home. And nothing makes a statement like an L’Epee carriage clock on your mantel or favored side table.

L’Epee Table Clocks Are Your Answer to Classy, High-End Decor

Table clocks are some of the easiest ways to add a lovely decorative touch without overwhelming a space. After all, you don’t want to spend the time reviving a room’s decor, only to have it appear garish and overdone by the end result.

Whether you want to focus attention to your end tables in the living/sitting room, or perhaps use one as a centerpiece in a foyer or study, one of these high-end table clocks is the key to decorative charm
L’epee La Tour Noire – Gold plated, black lacquered base
and sophistication. So make your home appear elegant and refined with a timeless piece that fits any style, like the La Tour Noire Table Clock in Gold, Cotes de Geneve, with a Black Base.

It features an eight-day movement for easy management, simple to wind and further carry on with your day. Meanwhile, this delicate timepiece also has modern, silver-colored accents that help emphasize all 143 parts of the intricate interior system on display.

The circular glass dome surrounding the mechanisms build even higher esteem for an already fantastic design. And these table clock models come in an assortment of colors and styles.

Choose from a blend of traditional golds and silvers, or go more contemporary with a monochromatic color tone. Whichever design you select, this L’Epee table clock is sure to be eye-catching resting on any of your home’s end tables.

Invest in a Brand That Understands Originality: L’Epee is Nothing if Not Authentic and Sophisticated

L’Epee has come a long way in its almost two hundred years of success. From its simple roots born out of the minds of two creative geniuses, to becoming a world-renowned clock manufacturing business; the L’Epee name has become synonymous with dedication, experience and visionary ideals.
Rarely will you find a business that has maintained its fine reputation for so many years, while also taking great strides to think outside the box and create historic feats of imagination. Give yourself reason to feel like part of such a momentous story. Invest in an L’Epee clock today, and bring home something associated with class and luxury you won’t find anywhere else.

Create a stir with an elaborate piece like the Star Fleet Machine, or dial down the eccentricity with something more formal like a carriage clock. No matter the choice, you’ll feel blessed to house such an exquisite masterpiece in your home for years to come.

So go ahead; shop through and make your choice. You won’t be disappointed - and your friends and family won’t believe their eyes.

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