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Making an Educated Decision: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks have been a household staple for decades, signifying sophistication and prestige in every home they inhabit. Generally, they are easy to recognize with their long wooden structures and classic features, such as polished pendulums or soothing chimes.

And, if someone were to invest in one of these showstoppers, it would only benefit them to educate themselves before making the final purchase.

Therefore, as a prospective buyer, you should take into account some of our easy to follow guidelines. We aim to make sure you understand all the options available to you so you can make an informed decision, leaving you with a beautiful grandfather clock (and no stressful doubts).

For your convenience, we’ve included information on certain distinguishable parts of a grandfather clock; crucial factors to watch out for before and after choosing; and ideas for care and maintenance in specific areas of the home that are best suited to place one of these lovely timepieces.

Meanwhile, we’ll also be describing some of the finest models on the market today, which are readily available at

What Constitutes the Making of a Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks, also known as longcase clocks, are tall in size, able to stand freely without supports, and weight-driven pendulums inside their towers.  They often stand somewhere between six and eight feet tall, giving them an impressive stance within a household. 
The exterior of these pieces can feature intricately-carved designs on their hoods, or bonnets that frame the dial of the clock at its center. However, many of the more modern grandfather clocks have high-end finishes and more contemporary materials and stylings as well.

These elaborate timepieces have held on to their reputation as some of the most accurate timekeeping devices for centuries. In fact, they would often be the only source of time in most homes or businesses, back in the day. However, the onset of digital and battery-powered devices in our generation has minimalized their use as the only timekeeper in the home.

Most grandfather clocks are still run on traditional, keywound movements. But some newer models are now coming equipped as quartz-operated devices, where only a few batteries can keep them running for over a year or more.

Now that you have an idea of how grandfather clocks are constructed and operated, we can begin to discuss how best to evaluate a clock before purchasing and suitable places for them to stay within your home. 

The Best Things to Consider Before, During and After Buying a Grandfather Clock

Sure, people are known for making an abundance of reckless purchases in their life, some which generally have no residual effect on their lives thereafter.

But purchasing a grandfather clock requires some background information, so as not to make a risky and disappointing (not to mention costly) mistake. Doing your due diligence in learning about them is advisable before saying ‘yes!’ right out of the gate.

Things to be mindful of:

1.      Perform a price comparisons between other sellers.

Prices for grandfather clocks are hefty. If you can score a better deal on the same item (without sacrificing dependability or condition), why wouldn’t you?! Do your homework, shop around, and figure out your options from there.

Thankfully, Expressions of Time offers all of their merchandise at very affordable prices, from top name brands you can depend on!  Our prices are the lowest allowed by the manufacturer.  If you find the same clock at a lower price, be aware that the manufacturer will not honor the warranty.  If you require warranty work, an original invoice will be requested.

2.      Transportation methods are crucial.

The last thing you want to do is conduct all of the previous work in inspecting your grandfather clock, buy it outright...and aim to bring it home yourself, causing potential harm to yourself or the purchase.

If you want to move the clock yourself out of the store, maybe even with the help of friends or family members, first be wary of its size and weight. Consider your options for moving it from one place to another.

Most modern clock purchases do come with an offer for a warranty. So if you must deal with transportation on your own terms, it would be smart to look into warranties beforehand.  Damage is not covered under warranty.

However, it seems most advisable to let the professional movers handle the methods of its transportation to your home. After all, you’ve spent ample amounts of time and money on your new grandfather clock; it would be heartbreaking to watch any harm or damage come to it at this stage in the buy.

Once your grandfather clock has been delivered or shipped, another inspection of the clock would be wise. Check for damaged or missing pieces, and make sure it operates as it should. 

3.      The best advice for last: account for its size.

Decide where you want to place the grandfather clock in your home (there will be advice on this in the next segment). Take measurements of the space you’re considering. Take stock of the other furniture of the room and consider its placement amongst these furnishings. And use these findings to help make a wise choice when looking into your grandfather clock.

After all, we already mentioned that these oversized timekeepers can reach between six and eight feet tall. They do take up a good portion of space in a room. Make sure it can fit properly, both width- and length-wise.

You want the purchase of your new grandfather clock to be a great experience. Don’t let ignorance or misinformation ruin it. Take heed of these few guidelines, and give yourself the opportunity for a hassle-free situation, worthy of your time and energy.

Suitable Rooms for Displaying Your Grandfather Clock

You can make great strides in the care and maintenance of your grandfather clock simply by putting it in the best spot available in your home.  

If you purchase a grandfather clock built with wooden materials, you should treat it as you would any other wooden furnishings in your home. Keep it from the harshest damage by setting it away from the elements. Set yourself up for regular dusting, cleaning (with only a slightly damp towel) and other maintenance work on the timepiece.

Due to its complex engineering and design, you may even want to consider having it professionally cleaned once in a while. That way you can avoid improper cleaning methods or damage to the clock’s many interior and exterior pieces.

Beyond these helpful tips, choosing a suitable room for the clock to settle can certainly make a difference in its overall care.

Ensuring that your grandfather clock rests in a space not susceptible to temperature or humidity fluctuations is very important. Therefore, avoid areas right next to fireplaces or doorways, and keep the grandfather clock out of spaces that receive direct sunlight for too many hours a day.

Best Rooms for Placement: Foyers, Entry Halls, Public Spaces

Foyers and grand entryways are great areas to keep your grandfather clock (given that you have higher ceilings and enough room to not block the front entrance). These timepieces are known for being splendid heirlooms, items to be showcased for guests and family alike. Placement in these areas ensure its visibility, and truly give it room to make a statement all on its own.

However, since many models are made of wooden materials, environmental factors do come into play. Make sure the area is large enough to not store it directly in line with doorways, so as to avoid letting inclement weather compromise the clock’s surfaces. Placing it at the end of the hallway, or in those awkward angles next to staircases or front hallway closets, would be a better choice for it to settle. 

Beyond that, living rooms, sitting rooms, and open staircase landings are all fine places to seat your grandfather clock as well. Plenty of attention to be hand in public areas such as these, where foot traffic throughout the day is most present. 

Worst Rooms for Placement: Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Bathrooms, Mud Rooms or Sunrooms

Again, grandfather clocks built with wooden structures (as many are) have the potential to be harmed by temperature changes and environmental factors.

Placing your grandfather clock in or near areas such as the kitchen or bathroom is just asking for warped and eroded wood cases. The high heat and steam/humidity from these spots will lead to permanent damage over time, as will any areas in the vicinity (hence, the mention of the dining room). 

Also, avoid spots in the home that may have no insulation in the walls, such as mud rooms or sunrooms. Temperature fluctuations occur as the seasons change, and any consistent contact from direct sunlight will cause the same warping, eroding and fading problems with your materials and finishes. 

 With all of this information in mind, you’re certainly on your way to making an educated decision (and a successful purchase) on a new grandfather clock for your home!

Shop, and Find the Perfect Grandfather Clock For Your Home

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If you prefer something a bit more traditional, look into something like the Ridgeway Morgantown Traditional Grandfather Clock or the Kieninger Josephine Vienna-Style Regulator Floor Clock. Made with the finest hardwoods and featuring the quintessential ornate accents, these two longcase timepieces are the epitome of what grandfather clocks have represented throughout history. Both would make fantastic heirlooms, ready to hand down through a multitude of generations.

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