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Never Worry About Barren Walls Again! Introducing 15 Modern Wall Clocks Perfectly Suited to Fill That Empty Space

Wall Clocks
Decorating your home is what gives your space personality, giving a glimpse of your own style and good taste to all who enter.

Hanging artwork on the walls is notably the tried-and-true method of decorating in most modern homes today. Others go beyond this trend and create other patterns out of everyday materials, using perhaps shaped mirrors or floating shelving units for added storage and display space.

Well why not add in a piece that’s both beautifully-designed and highly-functional? Something you can happily display that also serves a purpose in helping you throughout your busy day?

We’re talking about fashionable wall clocks, and they are a delight in anyone’s home!

Sophisticated wall clocks have made quite the trend themselves for centuries, serving as centerpieces that reflect higher status and prestige within a family. Some of the more elegant timekeepers were even passed down through generations of family members, living on as heirlooms from a classier time.

Despite the advent of technology and electronic devices, decorative clocks in the home have never lost their grace.

And this collection of 15 high-quality, modern timekeepers would make a great addition for any home.

For the Simple Yet Chic Modern Look:

1.      The Amelie Oversized Bronze Wall Clock from Uttermost

Monochromatic colors and metallic accents are all the rage of the 21st century home decor style. This
Amelie Oversized 60″ Wall Clock Uttermost 06419
high-end model, featured with rustic bronzed metals and silver highlights make this a perfect fit for your ultra-hip locale. Its mirrored face is also a gem for those with smaller living areas, as they open up a space by making it look larger.

So if you’re looking for that special something to emphasize your plush white couches, dark hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances, this new-age, oversized wall clock is an essential piece that will tie everything together.

2.      The Howard Miller Oversized Contemporary Wall Clock Zander II

Howard Miller Oversized Modern Wall Clock 625-617 Zander II
You won’t find anything more modern than this rectangular-shaped wall clock with all the right classy features. The high-gloss black finish is shiny and attractive, ready to hang neatly beside your big flatscreen tv or in your updated home office.

The chrome-finished hour markers create a fun spark design for a big payoff, making a statement in a room that may otherwise need a personal touch. And the red clock hands give just enough color to make them pop without being overbearing or gaudy.

Feast your eyes on this wall clock replicated from the designs of an artistic genius. Wright, a very
Frank Lloyd Wright Luxfer Prism Wall Clock
popular and well-received architect, spent his life creating high-end homes and commercial buildings. Each of his projects were their own work of art, and clockmakers (and avid Wright fans) were inspired to fashion together their own tributes to his designs.

This clock model is a nod to Wright’s prism wall features of the Luxfer building, with its metal frame contorted into geometric patterns. Its otherwise simplistic clock face puts all the attention on the triangular design work, making this a necessary accessory in the homes of the Millennial set who follow the hipster trend of today.

Espresso II Contemporary Musical Wall Clock
Need a clock stately enough for your home office? Look no further than this chic wall clock that brings both elegance and subtle sophistication. The rich espresso color will blend into a wood-tone study or office effortlessly, while the silver pendulum and black dial give enough modern accents to keep it hip and fresh for a modern home.

It’s also designed to play up to 18 different melodies, so you can keep a stress-free environment listening to these soft harmonies day in and day out.

5.      The Brilliant Black Glass Clock with Transparent Swirl Design

Brilliant Black Glass Clock with Transparent Swirl Design If you want a little more edge to your clock design without seeming too out of place in a modern
setting, than this lovely glass timepiece will hit the spot. The monochromatic colors keep it stylish and suitable with other high-end finishes in you home. However, the curved glass structure of the frame and the beautiful swirl motif give an air of originality and artistry that may be missing in other modern decor.

So spruce up your basic furniture with this fancy wall clock, to not only highlight your space but make smart, decorative choices for your contemporary living space.

For the Modern Look With a Pop of Color:

Neutral colors and glossy materials are the true elements of modern style, but sometimes they can seem almost too drab. Fierce personalities need some color in their life, and these wall clocks will add that splash of character to their home without sacrificing sophistication.

Two Chefs Square Glass Kitchen Wall Clock
Yes, even kitchen decor needs renovating once in awhile. And this fun and elegantly-fashioned clock will do wonders for the busiest space in the house.
Made by artisan glass makers in Hungary, this cute and classy timepiece gives your kitchen warmth and familiarity. The leaning chef figures and pop of red color add a little spice and passion to suit a room dedicated to delicious home cooking.

7.      The Howard Miller Prairie Ridge Wall Clock

This cool, multi-colored clock adds subtle hues so it doesn’t
 Howard Miller Prairie Ridge Wall Clock
overwhelm your space, but gives it some life as well. And its industrial feel leaves it in perfect condition to fit beside your other modern furnishings.

The large Arabic numerals and oversized frame would look beautiful as a centerpiece on a wall over the living room couch, or hanging in a chic, contemporary loft with high ceilings and industrial accents.

8.      The Kieninger Asymtrique Mechanical Regulator Wall Clock

Kieninger Asymtrique Mechanical Weight-driven Regulator Wall Clock
This modern and elegant wall clock has almost too many features to address at once. Its long, pillar-like shape make it highly adaptable to any wall space, and the olive-wood veneer sets off a warm-colored wooden tone to make it noticeable in any space.

And the skeleton movement alone is enough to draw the eye. Once can get lost in time watching its intricate mechanisms all work in conjunction with each other. Essentially, the slim designs of both the technical and artistic aspects of this clock make it a prime choice as a modern, ornamental piece for any home.

A unique clock that blends contemporary and antique, you can’t go wrong bringing it into your home.
Howard Miller Harmon 26-1/4″ Wall Clock
Fashioned with wrought iron framing and pendulum, this timekeeper may at first appear too old-fashioned for a modern environment. But it’s cool blue accents, including the bright blue of the clock dial, lend a hand to its contemporary look.

And furthermore, the charcoal and brass accents still give a hint of chrome that will automatically coincide with the metallic finishes of today’s interior decorating styles.

1   The Quartz Musical Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock – Musical, Quartz, battery operated – Pink
Amp up the style and the color with this adorably pink cuckoo clock. While it may be less traditional than other modern clocks of today, the hand-carved imagery and sounds of nature ready to play at the top of the hour are worth every penny.

This model would be perfect hanging in a cozy sunroom, or in any room that needs some elements of character or whimsical joy.

For a Modern Look That Still Favors Unique, Original Highlights:

Let’s be honest: many of today’s stylings can be found a dime a dozen, as mass production has taken over and online shopping has accelerated demand for the same, overused furnishings.

Don’t fall into the same old trap; choose one of these quirky wall clocks that still won’t take away from your modern ideal.

     The Alphonse 30” Three-Dimensional Wall Clock from Uttermost
Alphonse 30″ Three Dimensional Wall Clock Uttermost
You certainly won’t find another clock like this on the market. The hand-forged iron and three-dimensional frame are a work of art all on their own. Yet the silver-leaf finish and natural iron quality still fit into the realm of modern and industrial decor.

Find a spot for this unique timepiece in a grand foyer or as a large fixture in a family room setting. Everyone will want to know where you found it.

1    The Howard Miller Cle DuVille Wall Clock

Howard Miller Cle Du Ville Wall Clock
Another nod to hipster fashion, this clock has elements of both chic and antique. After all, the skeleton key hour markers are enough to qualify this amazing wall clock as unique.

And while this clock may have a simplistic, aged background at first glance, look a little closer. The names of well-known French cities are faded into the background, adding an extra bit of original flair to this stunning yet simplistic wall clock.

     The Howard Miller Wine Barrel Wall Clock
 Howard Miller Wine Barrel Wall Wall Clock
Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious glass of vino? Share your culinary taste in your wall decor by picking up this wall clock with wine barrel accents. The dial, made of Oak Yorkshire finished wood and metal bands, adds a rustic, original charm to the piece (and your home) as well.

This would make a lovely decorative piece for your kitchen, dining room, or the sitting room for welcoming your guests with a nice beverage.

Spokes Aged Wall Clock
Are you or anyone you know a bicycle enthusiast? Then check out this awesome wall clock, fashioned to look like the wheel of a modern bicycle. The antiqued silver champagne finishes and black, rubber-like frame simply ask for attention, worthy of a place in your modern home as a truly original work of art.

Rombach und Haas Filigree Wall Clock
Made in Germany, this contemporary yet traditional wall clock is the best of both worlds, and quirky in style to boot. The cleverly modern and sophisticated color choices mix with an old-school filigree design perfectly. And you can even enjoy the sounds of nature when the animated bird announces its arrival on the hour!

This intricately-crafted wall clock is a solid and stunningly artistic choice for any modern home.

When it comes to contemporary styling, neutral tones and high-shine features don’t always have to be the only answer to a modern home. Furthermore, artwork and framed posters are great accessories for decorating, but they still leave something to be desired sometimes.

Whether you want something simple yet elegant, wonderfully colorful or full of unique character, consider incorporating some modern wall clocks in your home decor.

They never go out of fashion, and often times they leave a warm and sentimental token of your family home that’s hard to replicate with anything else.

So browse through this selection of lovely, decorative wall clocks and give yourself some beautiful and endlessly useful accessories to fill those empty spaces in your home for years to come.

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