Monday, March 2, 2015

3 Reasons Why Bulova Clocks Are Widely Admired

The Bulova Clock family continues to stand out tall as it maintains the culture of producing some the most sought after clocks of all time. Ever wondered why these clocks continue to shine?


Hartwick Wall Clock

The ever blazing clocks date back to 1875 when Joseph Bulova started out as an ordinary jeweler, then working from a small establishment located on Maiden Lane in Manhattan. Joseph utilized the engineering and artistry skills he acquired while an apprentice at Tiffany & Company.  Digging deeper into his ingenuity and artistic mind, he quickly made a name for himself as a distinguished master of distinct movements and brilliant designs. He was genuinely passionate about excellence, making up his mind to focus on quality as the foundation of every item he built. This very principle of excellence lives on till today, hundreds of years into modern times.

Remarkable advertising
Many of us may not be aware of what role advertising plays in influencing the audience towards certain brands. Advertising, when done well, has the potential to inspire immediate response from consumers and convert them into long lasting clients who will always admire the brand. This is exactly what  Bulova has done through the years by establishing itself as a robust creative force in crafting outstanding adverts. A good example can be traced back to 1926 when Bulova produced a captivating radio advertisement which reminded the audience that “At the tone, it's eight o'clock, Bulova Watch Time.” The announcement was heard by a massive number of American listeners and the impact was equally massive.  Bulova is also remembered for having created a stellar TV commercial, the world's first ever. It was shown on July 1, 1941, just before a base ball game featuring Philadelphia Phillies and Brooklyn Dodgers. "America runs on Bulova time", the commercial proclaimed.  The company continues to create sharp, intelligently crafted advertisements that go on to attract millions of people to the Bulova clocks.

Award-winning designs

Valeria Mantel Clock

Bulova clocks are award-winning in design, always produced with unquestionable adherence to laid down standards which include:

  • Top end precision movement.
  • Carefully selected materials such as wood, lead crystal and solid brass.
  • Flawless finishes.
  • Technological excellence.

It is the unending combination of cherished products and the reputation for technological leadership that earns Bulova clocks a truly distinct global market appeal. They are instantly recognizable, constantly attracting both established clock enthusiasts and budding connoisseurs. 

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