Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Decorative Clocks and Home Accents

We are a company that understands, when it comes to home décor – quality is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s for your home or a friend’s, home décor furnishings factor heavily in the overall beauty of a room. You’ll find many wonderful items among these categories on our site.

Made in the United States

Made in the USA - Regulator Wall Clock
The American people are responsible for some of the most inspiring and impressive home furnishings & accessories from around the world. Many of the phenomenally crafted items are the result of the indomitable and hardworking American spirit. With manufacturers like Howard Miller and Ridgeway producing intricate works of art like mantel clocks, curios, and wine cabinets; Americans have been able to create a style of décor that is uniquely theirs.

From across the Atlantic

German-made products boast a classically treasured style and elegance.
Made in Germany | Hermle Boston Mechanical Key-wound Mantel Clock
Manufactured German goods, especially clocks, are immensely popular with traditional home décor and have been for some time. A German clock is a true wonder. A handsome design masking a skillfully engineered mechanical system makes the awesome combination of robust ingenuity and beautiful aesthetics - perfectly German. Manufacturers like Hermle, Rombach und Haas, and Sternreiter blur the lines of finance and luxury by producing marvels reminiscent of royalty, for wonderfully affordable prices.

Musical Clocks

Musical Clocks | A unique entertainment experience
The sound of a clock is equally as fascinating as its physical design. In regard to musical clocks, this is an understatement. Clocks with harmonious capabilities are mesmerizing, charming onlookers with the pleasing timbre of songs, old and new. Your guests will become entranced with sensational musical clocks by Hermle and Rhythm. Not your everyday alarm clocks but bona fide rhythmical, music clocks; the sort that add aural grandeur to a home and compliment holidays to the fullest.

Accent Furniture

Accent Furniture | Arm chairs, end tables, curio cabinets, etagere, desks, home bar furnitureIt can’t all be clocks; after all, something has to accent your shiny new Howard Miller. Whether it’s a desk, an étagère, or an ottoman; the ability to stress or emphasize specific aspects of a room is crucial. A piece of accent furniture transcends function, often valued for its decorative significance. It moves the eye, creating stimulation and adding purpose or definition to an interior.

We invite you to visit our website and view our extensive collection of home decor clocks, wine & bar furnishings, curios, furniture, and more. If you are having trouble finding something, feel free to contact us at (866)-467-6460. We can help.

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