Friday, October 31, 2014

Interesting Places to Hang a Wall Clock

Position Your Clock in a Creative Space

When it comes to hanging a decorative wall clock, many variables are at work. Factors include the type of clock, its function, and the room it is to be placed in. Modern and traditional wall clocks create noticeable differences when it comes to décor. The distinctiveness of a clock can restore an interior or exterior scheme, transcending its appeal. Here are some intriguing placement suggestions.

The Bathroom

Putting a clock in the bathroom maximizes often untouched wall space and serves as a time manager during those busy mornings. It doesn’t have to be ultra luxurious, just something simple and reliable. The goal shouldn’t be for it to stand out, but rather blend in quite conservatively. Guests will get a kick out of it.

The Top of an Etagère

This French furniture piece features a series of shelves that best display valuable ornamental bric-a-brac. The right clock - small, modern, wood – can greatly augment an étagère’s presentation if placed nice and neatly on the top shelf. Even the clock as a focal point of the fixture, right in the middle, works well.

The Outside Deck

Transform your deck into an outdoor room with a decorative clock. There are wonderful all-weather models that can provide a warm atmosphere and enhance a color scheme. The added character may even extend beyond your guests. A big enough clock, visible from the sidewalk simultaneously offers the passerby an aesthetic treat and the time.

Behind the Bar

Home bar designs provide great pleasure and are a fun way to entertain visitors. A big 36 inch wall clock, strategically placed, can add value to the dominating concept of your home bar. Aside from adding a great deal of refinement to the room, having the time readily available at any tavern, home or away, is convenient.

Clocks, contemporary or conventional, can work in to any room. It’s a matter of finding the right clock that fits the room, or altering a room the right way to fit a magnificent clock. Remember to balance the factors mentioned previously; clock type, its purpose, and the area.

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