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Rhythm Musical Clocks

Not Your Average Timepiece: How Rhythm Musical Clocks Go Above and Beyond Merely Keeping the Time

Rhythm Musical Wall Clock
When you think of the alarm clock resting on your nightstand, the desk clock keeping you on schedule, or the wall clock hanging beautifully in your foyer, you don’t often consider it to be an item worth serving more than one function: keeping time.

 However, what if you could find a clock that would offer multiple rewards? One that could bring friends and family together, entertaining the masses during quaint gatherings at your home? Or one that could provide you with an area for peace and relaxation after a long day at the office?

 Thankfully, the creative experts from the Rhythm Company have already addressed this issue, creating a stunning line of musical clocks that will quite simply blow you away.

 From playing a series of beautiful melodies to fully coming alive under the direction of its motion features, the Rhythm musical clocks available from ClockShops.com are a mesmerizing sight to behold.

The True Master of Clock Features: The Rhythm Company Paves the Way in Dynamic Clockmaking

Clockmaking is a centuries-old trade that has only been perfected over time. With some of the most brilliant and creative minds coming together to work in unison, many artistic feats of the imagination have been churned out in the horological field.

Following some of the tried and true techniques of the masters before them, the Rhythm Company has produced some fine pieces of their own. However, their focus on incorporating never-before-seen technical and designer features has made them a household name in the industry.

 Established in 1950 under the name “Rhythm Watch Co. LTD.”, this business has now developed into one of the most reputable brands in the market worldwide. Starting from small beginnings working out of their sole factory in Tokyo, Japan, the Rhythm brand first originated through the production of alarm clocks, table clocks, and music box timepieces. They went on to win numerous M.I.T.I. awards, an acknowledgment of timepiece quality through the government of Japan, during the 1950’s. 

By 1972, Rhythm had taken the number one position for clock production in the world, solidifying themselves as a strong contender in the clockmaking market. Meanwhile, as the years progressed, the Rhythm brand was able to open up more offices in various countries, including the U.S., Hong Kong, and Korea.

Currently, Rhythm maintains its stronghold as one of the finest clockmakers in the business, producing over 20 million clocks and movements around the globe. 

So what made Rhythm such a big-name success? Their ability to fashion together beautiful, high-quality timepieces that focus on not only keeping time, but designing each clock with state-of-the-art flair.

Most importantly, they take pride in their total quality control throughout the manufacturing process. With each and every Rhythm clock comes the reassurance that the motion and sound features will be fun to watch and enjoyable in every consumer’s home.    

Invest in a Motion or Musical Clock from Rhythm, and Decorate Your Home with a Piece of Magical Wonder

Don’t settle for the same cheap, mass-produced clocks you can easily find on the shelves of every department store. Invest in a unique Rhythm Musical Clock that can truly add to the decorative style of your warm, welcoming home.

  The Musical Alarm Clock:

If there’s one thing that could always use improvement in your life, it’s trying to find ways to wake
Baseball Alarm Clock
up the kids for school.

No matter what methods you’ve been forced to employ in the past - turning up the volume to extreme levels, setting multiple alarms around the room, banging pots and pans next to their bed - you can almost guarantee your young ones will find a way around these techniques.

Instead of enduring the pains of this tired morning ritual, why not find a way for them to wake peacefully?

Let yourselves have a more peaceful start to your day the Rhythm Baseball Alarm Clock. The potential answer to all of your woes, this fun and charming alarm clock will entertain any devoted baseball fan.  

Made of ABS plastic, this small waker-upper is easy-to-use at your bedside whether you’re snoozing at home or on the road. There is a series of four different melodies to choose from, allowing you to start your day the right way.  

Contemporary Motion Mantel Clock
Everyone loves to find pretty, ornate pieces suitable for their own style of home decor.

After all, your home should reflect your vivacious personality, the person you are that makes you different than any other. For that reason, finding unique, artistic items that give your living space a warm and inviting atmosphere is key.

And what better way to upgrade your space than with a beautiful, contemporary clock from Rhythm?

The Angel Contemporary Motion Table Clock is everything your tabletop never knew it needed. It’s exquisite design and high-quality mechanical work is simply breathtaking, while its glossy surface beams its light across the entire room.

Both classy and modern, the structure and finely-tuned mechanisms of this musical timepiece give it a delicate stature, enhanced by the animated movement of the musical angels. The music itself is indeed its best feature, playing “Green Sleeves” as the pendulum rotates on the hour.

So dress up your home with this new and fancy accessory, a musical timepiece worthy of your living space.

Who doesn’t love to see a good show? Better yet, who wouldn’t love to see one play out in front of them, day after day, from their very own home?
Joyful Nostalgia Oak Magic Motion Musical Clock - Open

Invest in a magic motion clock, and watch for yourself as each of these lovely timekeepers comes to life in its own majestic way.

Find yourself immersed in the beauty of the Rhythm Encore Espresso Magic Motion Clock. Both highly ornate and positively charming, this animated timepiece deserves to be displayed in your home. Its dark wooden frame fits any modern decor, a unique espresso finish that blends right in with the neutrals and metallics of the interior decorating trends of today. 

However, the real ambience comes when the clock moves into action, playing one of over 30 melodies on the hour, every hour. After hearing just one of these whimsical harmonies, you will certainly want to hear an ‘encore,’ guaranteed.

But once the music starts playing, you won’t be able to look away as the numbers rotate and pair up, while a gorgeous swan figure spins to the tune. Even when the lovely dance ceases, the clock’s swinging pendulum moves consistently throughout the day, keeping this timepiece in ever-constant motion.

While this dazzling Rhythm musical clock is suitable for most modern homes, are you looking for something with a bit more exotic flair?

If you have a love for galaxies far, far away, you’ll certainly have a hard time saying no to this next stunning beauty.

The Rhythm Timecracker Cosmos Magic Motion Musical Clock requires ample time for gawking wondrously at its many exquisite features. Not only is the deep blue clock dial displaying an image of planet Earth, but the background has its own variety of starscapes and festive drawings to admire.

The best part comes when the clock strikes the hour, as the dial opens and sets into motion mechanical wheels that move along to the harmonious tunes. With a night sensor, volume control and Swarovski crystals for added bling, this timepiece is epic in its overall design and functionality. 

Put on a show at every occasion with a Rhythm musical motion clock.

Joyful Snowflake Motion Musical Clock
While the magic motion clocks put on an elaborate performance, the musical motion clocks simply play melodies and have a motion feature without the added show every hour.

However, offering less amenities doesn’t make these timepieces any less magical in their own ways.

For instance, the Rhythm Joyful Snowflake Motion Musical Clock is elegant and sophisticated all on its own, without the need for flashy animations. This shining, sensational clock appears so refined, it’s perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift.

Framed by a lovely faux marble finish, the simple, but elegant interior design shine brightly out to its audience. And as the swinging pendulum sparkles with its Swarovski crystal features, one of the 18 melodies plays along to give an overall glorious yet minimalistic performance.

Or perhaps you have a young girl at home with a birthday on the horizon, and you’re angling for the perfect gift. Give her something majestic and regal in appearance, such as the Rhythm Princess Fantasy Musical Motion Clock. She can watch the image, day after day, as she daydreams in her room awaiting her own Prince Charming. Indulge her imagination with a practical yet fun and exciting gift for her bedroom.

Surrounded by a sturdy wooden frame that gives the clock elegant structure, the overly large white dial is topped by a lovely princess storybook design. Displaying a horse and carriage flying through the star-filled night sky, the image etched in silver and gold accents is stunning for any young girl’s room decor.

As the timepiece switches between 30 different melodies over time, each and every new hour represents a new retelling of the classic fairytale designed above.

  The Musical Clocks That Can Make Your Holidays Bright:

The holidays have always been a symbol of family and good cheer, a time to bring people together and celebrate all that we have and who we love.

In this time of celebration, why not create a happy, warm environment for your loved ones? A glorious collection of Rhythm musical clocks at ClockShops.com are essential finds for the holiday season, prepared with harmonious tunes that fit the season.

 Joyful Crystal Bells Motion Musical Clock
The Joyful Crystal Bells Musical Motion Clock brings grace and sophistication to any table or mantel. A more humble piece, this musical clock needs no elaborate detail to showcase its elegance.

The faux wooden frame and light gold elements blend in well with both modern and traditional decor, yet it evokes charm and warmth in its shining simplicity. The gold pendulum at the heart of this piece adds just the right amount of character. Finally, this timepiece plays a variation of 12 melodies, many of which are well-known hymns of the holidays. 

Essentially, this Rhythm musical clock is a beautiful item, prepared to amplify the look of any room and sparkle alongside the other holiday decor.

If you’re searching for a timepiece that has a one-of-a-kind, classic motif, then look no further than the Joyful Remington Wooden Musical Clock. Offering stunning oak wood framing and authentic overlays, this clock stands out as an antique even though it’s a contemporary build.

This musical clock’s true mastery, however, lies in its 28 soothing harmonies offering six hymns, six Christmas-themed tunes, and sixteen more classic folk melodies.

Make your holidays more festive this year with a Rhythm musical clock fit for the season.

Rhythm Musical Clocks Aren’t Your Average Timekeepers, and its About Time Your Home Knew the Difference

It’s time to rid your home of the dated, commercial knockoff timekeepers that hardly make a statement in your living space.

Bless your home with a musical motion clock from the Rhythm Company, a respectable clockmaking brand that never ceases to amaze. A business that deals only in expert craftsmanship that produces high-quality motions and animations, you’ll always be satisfied with your purchase.

And it’s never too late to give your family the gift of relaxation and a welcome, inviting homestead. Invest in a Rhythm musical clock, and give everyone reason to walk away from their electronics and enjoy family time together again.

You don’t just have to read the time as you pass by anymore. Why not enjoy the many lovely features that a multi-functional timepiece can offer? 

After all, every minute counts, and you should enjoy them all with the things that make you happiest: your loved ones and the precious amount of time you have with them.

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