Friday, September 19, 2014

Which clocks are best at enhancing the décor of a room?

A fine clock doesn’t merely add to the elegance of a room. A real clock - a clock carefully designed and assembled to the highest standards by a talented clock artisan - is the elegance of a room. A real clock astonishes guests, stops them dead in their tracks, and leaves them with the notion; I need a clock like that in my home.
Once that idea enters an individual’s mind it is hard to shake out. Chiefly because of the many graceful styles of clock that one encounters when deciding which to add to their home.
The question shifts from when will I get a clock to what kind of clock will I get?

Mantel Clocks

Also known as shelf clocks, mantel clocks are the small home clocks usually positioned on fireplace mantelpieces and bookshelves. Usually comprised of wood, porcelain, and ormolu, they are perfect accents for high ceiling dens and libraries with large fireplaces.
Currently, Hermle Bethnal offers a phenomenal chiming mantel clock. A key wound device, it runs eight days on one wind and features a spiffy nickel ring on a brass panel. It also plays the Westminster melody on tuned steel rods.See here

Grandfather Clock

Commonly referred to as the grandfather clock, the long case clock is a tall, self-supporting, weight-driven, pendulum clock.Traditionally, these clocks are 6-8 feet tall and have intricately carved designs on the hood where the clock face is kept - the pendulum rests in its waist
Grandfather clocks are excellent entryway fixtures, especially models from Howard Miller, Ridgeway, or Chapman. When guests enter your home, if a grandfather clock is the first thing they see, they’ll realize the extent of your taste and style. It says welcome, we’re happy to have you.

Alarm Clock

The words “alarm clock” don’t necessarily conjure up an image of luxury, however some of the battery-powered alarm clocks being produced by TimeWise are absolutely remarkable. See here
By definition, an alarm clock is a clock that is designed to make a sound at a designated time. Because it has such a simple function, modern contemporary alarm clocks are manufactured alike. This doesn’t mean all alarm clocks suffer from unfortunate similarity aesthetics. Professionally crafted alarm clocks are stunning, featuring either, antique copper or wood cases, and that nostalgic little click signifying each second. These are the kinds of clocks that don’t just rest in your bedroom but become a part of it.

Wall Clocks

Wall clocks often become the focal point of a room. It is usually a spot-on indication of room theme and flair. Large wall clocks can be decorative, pendulum, chiming, hanging and any other style you can think of. It is a sort of utility man of all clock types.
Sometimes, all you need is an unfailing, reliable wall clock to complete home decor. Top clock makers like Bulova, Bradford, and Howard Miller make sensational wall clocks, each featuring a unique, steadfast, and elaborate style. See here
Expressions of Time can furnish you with a magnificent clock that fits you and your family’s personal style. And not just clocks, we provide a phenomenal array of home décor fixtures, home bar staples, cabinet curios, and accent furniture.
We are not just purveyors of classy home furnishings. We are purveyors of class, itself. Visit our website and lets work together to propel your home into the upper echelon of grandeur.

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