Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tips for Home Bar Design

Designing a home bar can be tricky. While you want to create a designated area for recreational use, it is also important to tie your home bar aesthetic into your home’s overall d├ęcor. Here are some easy tips to guide you through the home bar building process to ensure design cohesion.

Lighting: One of the most important elements of home bar design is lighting. A home bar is for relaxing with friends and family, and letting go of any anxieties or annoyances from earlier in the day. Harsh lighting can seriously impede this relaxation time. Thus, soft lighting is key for illuminating your home bar. Achieve soft lighting by positioning floor lamps rather than severe overhead lighting around your home bar area for a better, more comfortable, ambiance.

Comfort: Home bars are for letting loose and having a great time. In order to unwind properly, your home bar needs to be comfortable. Make sure you choose comfortable stools to place at your bar for ultimate relaxation. Helpful hint? Go in person to test out stools before purchase to ensure you choose comfortable models.

Storage: Are you a wine aficionado? Do you collect rare liquors? Whatever your vice of choice, make sure to build your home bar with ample storage to house your growing collection. A great way to make a storage area behind your bar feel open is by lining the back of its cabinetry with mirrors, and using glass shelving. The mirrors bounce light easier, and in conjunction with the glass shelving, create a more open feel, expanding the room for added fun.

Sink: Do you like to compose complicated cocktails? Perhaps you just want to be able to easily keep your bar area clean? The best way to do so is to install a sink into your bar area. Having a sink in this area eliminates the need to transfer clean up into the kitchen after a night of fun, for easily accessible cleanup.

Mahogany: Would you like a classic-looking home bar? Mahogany is the typical wood of choice for home bar furnishing, as its warm color gives your home bar area a soothing feel, perfect for unwinding. Add mahogany to your home bar in some way, shape, or form to keep with that classic aesthetic.

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