Sunday, November 20, 2011

Genuine Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Sternreiter Cuckoo Clock
 with One-Day Movement

Create a Life-long Memory with an Authentic German Cuckoo Clock

Do you have a memory of grandparents, aunts or uncles that had a cuckoo clock when you were a child? There is nothing more fascinating than the sight and sound of a musical cuckoo clock with animated animals and/or dancers.

Expressions of Time is proud to offer genuine Black Forest cuckoo clocks from Rombach und Haas; Sternreiter; Hubert Herr and Hekas. Each of these clockmakers brings years of experience to the design and manufacture of beautifully crafted timepieces.
Chalet Cuckoo Clock
In addition to the traditional hand carved cuckoo clock; many of which feature animals and leaves, we offer a number of contemporary designs. You'd never know these contemporary clocks were cuckoo clocks until the top of the hour when a cuckoo bird appears and begins to cuckoo the hour.
Chalet style cases are also very popular. These clocks often include animated characters such as a man drinking beer, a wood chopper, moving waterwheel or moving animals, to name a few possibilities.

Cuckoo clocks are typically available with either a quartz movement, 1-day or 8-day movement. A quartz cuckoo clock is ideal for the busy individual who doesn't have the time to wind a clock on a daily or weekly basis.

Sternreiter Cuckoo
Clock with 8-Day Movement
Other cuckoo clocks are wound by a mechanical movement. Weights, often in the shape of pine cones or acorns operate the mechanical movement by pulling up the weights. Most cuckoo clocks are designed with either an 8-day or 1-day mechanical movement. 8-day cuckoo clocks must be wound once a week, 1-day cuckoo clocks provide between 24 and 30 hours of operating time before the weights must be pulled again.

Musical cuckoo clocks are available in all styles and movement choice. These clocks play a variety of tunes at the top of the hour. They generally cycle through either six or twelve different songs. Afraid the music will cause sleepless nights? Most clocks include a night-time shutoff and volume control.

All quartz cuckoo clocks include a one year manufacturer's warranty. Mechanical cuckoo clocks include a two year warranty.

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