Sunday, November 15, 2009

Genuine Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

There is nothing more facinating than the sight and sound of a musical cuckoo clock with animated animals and/or dancers. Expressions of Time only offers genuine Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks.  The craftsmanship of these German clocks ensures a product that will last for generations.  Choose from clock makers Hubert Herr, August Schwer, Hekas, Rombach & Haas.

Cuckoo clocks are available with a variety of features.  Traditional clocks are available with quartz, one-day or eight-day movements.  Occasionally, other movements are available.  Also available are musical, non-musical (cuckoo bird only) and cuckoo clocks with special effects.  Case styles are generally referred to as carved or chalet style.

A quartz cuckoo clock runs on batteries.  These clocks often feature nighttime shutoff with light sensor and recorded sound.

One-day cuckoo clocks require that the clock be wound once a day.  This is accomplished by pulling one of the two weights.  A pendulum helps regulate the time.

Eight-day cuckoo clocks require the clock be wound once a week.  This is also accomplished by pulling one of the two weights.  A pendulum helps regulate the time.

Musical cuckoo clocks are available in both the one and eight-day movements.  Musical cuckoo clocks are easy to distinguish from non-musical (cuckoo bird only) because they require three weights to wind the clock and music feature.  Musical cuckoo clocks play a song on the hour and often include moving animals and/or dancers.  Dancers come to life while the music is playing and are typically on what appears to be a balcony.

Two case styles are available; carved (see previous examples) or chalet-style case.  The chalet-style case is designed after traditional Swiss chalet's.

A variety of special effects are also available.  This can range from turning waterwheels, kissing couples, figures raising their hand to drink beer, moving wood choppers or smoke coming out of the chimney.  The more effects, the higher the price.

Expressions of Time offers a variety of cuckoo clocks, along with special order clocks.  Special order clocks will ship directly from Germany.  All cuckoo clocks include a 2 year manufacturers warranty and a certificate authenticating the clock was produced in the Black Forest of Germany.

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